Todo List
Member tag ($s)
Add deprecation warning (XH 1.8?)
Member XH\Controller::handlePagedataEditor ()
Member XH\Controller::handleSitemap ()
Declare visibility.
Member XH\Controller::setBackendF ()
Handling of userfiles, images and downloads is probably not necessary, as this should already be handled by the filebrowser. Otherwise media had to be handled also.
Member XH\Controller::setFunctionsAsPermitted ()
Member XH\Controller::wantsEditContents ()
Do we need $f == 'save' && !$download? IOW: isn't the script already exited in these cases?
Member XH_createLanguageFile ($dst)
Remove handling of LANGconfigs, unless they won't get reintroduced.
Member XH_decodeJson ($string)
Deprecate starting with 1.8.
Member XH_encodeJson ($value)
Deprecate starting with 1.8.
Member XH_helpIcon ($tooltip)
Change the DIVs to SPANs and require the $tooltip to be an inline fragment (requires block level elements to be removed from all help texts–even $plugin_tx).
Member XH_lastJsonError ()
Deprecate starting with 1.8.
Member XH_plugins ($admin=false)

Might be optimized to set $admPlugins only when necessary.

with PHP 5.4.0 replace array_values() by sort($plugins, SORT_NATURAL | SORT_FLAG_CASE)

Member XH_renameFile ($oldname, $newname)
Deprecate for 1.8.
Member XH\Controller::sendStandardHeaders ()
Emit error message only in admin mode?
Member XH\IntegratedPluginMenu::makeHelpItem ()
Member XH\Mailform::process ()
Remove static variable for better testability.